Deep Panuke – Installation and transport project

Deep Panuke – Installation and transport project
Soloppgang Ekstrand

Ekstrand Verksted har oppdraget for Boa Offshore med å fjerne 560 tonn stålstrukturer og øvrig utrustning fra Boa Barge 34 etter de-installasjon av boreriggen Deep Panuke I Halifax, Canada. Lekteren klargjøres deretter for transport av Johan Sverdrup Ph 2.

Mer informasjon om prosjeket:

“The semi-submersible heavy transportation barge, BoaBarge 34 (BB34) was selected as De-installation Barge and was outfitted with temporary grillages and outfitting structures for the purpose of de-installation and transportation of the Deep Panuke PFC from its offshore location to sheltered waters in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Production Field Centre (PFC) is a non-self-floating, jack-up platform owned by SBM Nova Scotia Contractors Inc.

This activity was successfully completed in July 2020. The platform is now planned to be moved in the final quarter of 2020 from Halifax to Sheet Harbour, approximately 117 km northeast of Halifax where it will be set down on a  prepared seabed and the platform jacked up to allow extraction of the de-installation and transportation barge. The forecast date for the barge to be released for departure from Canadian waters is currently 20th December 2020.

The barge will arrive Ekstrand Verksted in Norway in the beginning of January to remove cribbing structures and prepare for the Johan Sverdup Ph2 project.”