We produce specially designed clamps for leak sealing on offshore installations. This is a niche area where the company has built up solid specialist expertise. We have built series of machines and components for Norwegian and American suppliers of drilling equipment.


We have a significant reference list on the fabrication of subsea structures. We have built series with modules and suction anchors for both Norwegian and foreign fields. Construction of subsea structures is the company's main activity.


Ekstrand Verksted is rooted in maritime traditions and has over the years built series of tugs, barges, dredgers and other marine construction equipment. We have built jack-up drilling rigs for rock blasting under water. With 125m quay front, we can receive ships for service and repair. Mobilization and demobilization of Heavy Lift submersible barges is a significant activity at the company.


We supply products and services to the world's leading manufacturer of plastic pipe systems. For a number of years, we have been involved in developing and manufacturing production equipment for manufacturing plastic pipes with a diameter of up to 2500 mm. Ekstrand Verksted has produced equipment for towing arrangements for sea transport of large plastic pipes to all corners of the world.

Ekstrand Verksted undertakes all types of assignments within machineries.

Ekstrand Verksted is located on the Telemark coast between Kristiansand and Oslo – and is strategically located at the entrance to the Port of Grenland, one of the country’s busiest shipyards.

We specialize in:

  • Production of clamps for leak sealing on pipe dimensions between 20 to 1600 mm in diameter for offshore and land-based process industry.
  • Design and manufacture of special machines for the production of plastic pipes with a diameter of up to 2500 mm.
  • Construction of modules and equipment for the offshore and subsea industry.

We perform maintenance work on ships, barges and other marine contractor equipment.