Sustainability & Environment

Sustainability & Environment

As a responsible global citizen, sustainability is central to everything we do.

Environment & Social

As a local and global company, it is important to protect the health and safety of our employees, cultivate an inclusive and diverse environment, and contribute positively to society. At Ekstrand Verksted, we are committed to, and understand the importance of, good management and a high ethical standard.


Recycling is a task that is central to Ekstrand Verksted. Every year, the company delivers several hundred tonnes of steel for recycling. This is then sorted and remelted for reuse. Ekstrand Verksted also has clear rules and routines for rubbish and waste sorting.

Reduction of greenhouse gases

Ekstrand Verksted as a goal-oriented and forward-looking company is engaged in the development of reducing the environmental footprint in our industry. We are therefore concerned that our customers and suppliers contribute to sustainable operations, and follow the development of the green shift.

Ekstrand Verksted delivers services and products to the maritime business and to the oil & gas sector. Several of our customers are moving in the direction of green energy, such as offshore wind and Ekstrand Verksted as a company located by the sea, think this is exciting.

Clean water

One of our customers is a world leader in the production of large plastic pipes with a diameter of up to 2.5m. One of the UN’s sustainability goals is to ensure access to water and good sanitation for all.

The supply of clean drinking water and the transport of waste water are fundamentals in our modern society. However, this is not a matter of course in several developing countries.

Ekstrand Verksted is a proud supplier of services, production equipment and “know-how” solutions to this market.